Our Mission

Puppy Breath Perfume believes in helping animals.Wholfpaw Creations was established by Helen Wholf as a “mother company” to introduce & offer products to the general public while adhering to a core belief that we humans owe much more to the animals of this world than we can ever repay. Towards that end, at least $1 per sale of any product fostered by Wholfpaw Creations is dedicated to support the efforts of Animal Rights groups, habitat protection issues, and support for shelters, sanctuaries and other outreach efforts.  Our belief is that every company should donate at least $1 per sale of any product to charity.  If everyone just did a little, no one would have to do a lot.  The success of Wholfpaw Creations LLC will allow us to do more for the animals & their charities that we care so much about.  Our charter states that for every single product we sell, now and forever, $1 of that sale will go to one of our favorite charities. It’s our hope that Wholfpaw Creations will at least enable us to “make a difference”.

We Support:

Helen has long supported these and other worthy organizations, and encourages you to check out their mission, and support the causes that matter most to you: