Is Puppy Breath Perfume for my dog?

No. Puppy Breath Perfume: for that Special Bitch in your life is a high quality perfume designed for women. Using it on your dog is not recommended.

Does Puppy Breath Perfume smell like “Puppy Breath”?

We wish it did! If we could bottle that scent, we would.  However, Puppy Breath Perfume’s soft comforting vanilla with light earthy overtones will quickly become your “go to” perfume for every occasion.

Has Puppy Breath Perfume been tested on Animals?

As strong supporters of animal rights and rescue groups, our products are never tested on animals.

Is Puppy Breath Perfume a quality perfume?

Yes. Puppy Breath Perfume is made of the highest quality essential oils allowing the scent to remain with you for a very long time.

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