About Helen Wholf

Helen WholfI was born in Bedford, Ohio in 1947.  I have had 43 good years with my husband, Bill.  We are lucky to have four grown children, ten grand-children and four great-grandchildren.  Naturally, I want to make an important difference in their lives.  That “something” important is the good example of making a positive difference in this world.  I want the people who love me to also be proud of me.  I want to leave a path that they want to follow.

I’m not considered a conventional person.  I’ve often been referred to as, “that crazy cat/dog lady”.  Growing up I was often accused of caring more for animals than humans but actually I just see us all as inter-connected. I believe that “valuing life means valuing ALL life”.  Since I was old enough to walk I was “rescuing” bugs, birds, snakes, cats, dogs, the only thing that changed as I grew was my ability to care for them.

In 1999 I started my grooming business, Paws ‘n Claws Pet Grooming & Massage, prior to that I just groomed rescues as the need arose.  My grooming business allows me the funds to donate to about 54 animal rescue/rights/advocacy organizations.  While I’m not a shelter, I often have rescues that I am caring for.  I help fund the efforts to spay/neuter/vaccinate some feral cat colonies.   I have some clients who have met with hard times so I groom their cats/dogs for what they can afford & I won’t turn any animal away for lack of money.  If everyone just did a little, no one would have to do a lot.

In 1992 I had to hand-raise a litter of Boxer puppies from birth & it was one of my most wonderful experiences.  Every time I picked them up I said, “I need a hit of puppy breath!”  I have thought about it for almost 20 years!  The world might not have been ready for it then, and the internet definitely wasn’t as accessible as now but mostly it was my fear of stepping out & doing something this outrageous!  Now I am ready and I hope you are too.